Rhonda the Ranger is headed to Mexico!

This post is really for Liz Carden, but for all of you that dont know JR's vehicle situation....

Rhonda the Ranger kicked the bucket back in January. We arent really sure what is wrong with her but do not have the funds to fix her, and even if we did we arent sure that we would b/c she is a '94 and there is no telling how much more life she may have. So last week we decided to put Rhonda for sale on Craig's List. Now let me tell you how impressed we were to get a phone call within 10 minutes of posting, and then another 5-7 calls that night. We ended up selling her to a guy named Emmanuel who is going to take her back home to Mexico with him. So long Rhonda.... please get out of our driveway b/c you are still costing us in taxes :) Just kidding she has been a good one but we look forward to replacing her by the end of the year. Car shopping here we come!!!


Brett&Hillary said...

Lindsey those websites are amazing!! My dad listed his Jeep and this man came a paid CASH for it!!! This was not long after we listed it... We still got calls for about a month and 1/2!!! Good thinking on your part!!

Liz said...

p-r-i-c-e-l-e-s-s :-)
i mean ... what is really going on up there in North Carolina ... Rhonda is going to Mexico???? how is Rhonda going out of the country before I do ????
Its been so long since Rhonda came along ... wait, does this mean JR is going to drive a Camero now again?? or are you getting another horse ?? ha ha jk jk
LOVE YOU BOTH (and Rhonda too)

Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Oh it is always sad to see the longtime vehicles go bye-bye! I am glad that she has a new happy home! Have fun car shopping, yaaahhh!

Jeremy and Lacy said...

Too funny, you are hilarious!! I love that you named her Rhonda!!