Family birthday parties

I have always love that my family never lets a birthday of a loved one pass without us all getting together to celebrate. Rachel's big 13 was no exception. Wonderful cooking from mom, lots of presents, and our favorite additional family members: JD, Leeann, Zach and David.Mom and her girls

Mimi and Potts
The siblings
JD and I

Potts loves hugs :)
Poppa and his "main man" Tyler
Rachel loving how much money was in that card!Mimi purposefully took this picture just so she would make the blog hahaQuick lesson I learned that day: Dont hold up the cake when the candles are being blown out. The wax flew off and burnt me!!! hahah thats not funny! :(


Anonymous said...

i have been to everyone! guess whos is coming up soon?????

Jeremy and Lacy said...

I just love family! Looks like yall had a great time!