Growth in Wake Forest

Would you believe that Wake Forest has grown from 13,080 people in 2000 to 22,651 in 2006. This is a 73% increase!!! Now in 2007 there is no doubt we are over 25,000. We have been rated number 20 in Forbes magazine of the fastest growing suburbs across the country. You know what that means for us right? Increased property value, always good.... AND new restaurants!! I mentioned earlier that we got a new Red Robin and Chilis and now we have a Carolina Ale House too! And you know what it means when we get new restaurants right?!?! FREE FOOD!! Yes we were so lucky to be invited to dine with them last night so they could practice serving us :) Thank you Carolina Ale House for talking care of our $100 tab!!!

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Liz said...

you just used the phrase "Increased property value" wow ... you are sooooo JR Isham's wife :-)