Puppy update

Look how our puppies have grown! I received an update from a sweet family who actually bought 2 of our puppies back in May:

Hi......wanted to send you some pics and update you on our pups. We were the ones that met you at Cracker Barrel and bought the 2 females. We named them Nikki and Ginger. They have very distinct personalities. Ginger (the one my son picked out first)is very laid back and thinks she is a lap dog. Nikki, on the other hand, is wild & crazy. She cannot be still for a minute. She torments Ginger all the time. I think Nikki has attention deficit disorder. They are always together and sleep side by side. We bought them a small pool and they love the water!Ginger is already a TN Vols fan....check out the collar!They weigh approx 32 lbs now. They are growing fast.

How excited we are to know that they are making a family so happy :)

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