Its cookout time again

A new semester has begun and therefore it was time for a Campus Cookout last night! We had so much fun, had perfect weather, and had a great crowd.

Here is our very own Leburn singing with the band :)

JR's softball team "The Sluggers" gearing up to help the kids with the games.
All of the kiddos enjoying play time
Sweet sister Jordan and I
Jacob helping clean up
The newest couple in Southeastern land, Luke and Chloe... arent they too cute! We had fun trying to get them both smile at the same time :)
There is Chloe's smile!
Luke is still cheesing but Chloe is over it ha!
Are we done yet?
Luke says to Chloe, "I am glad you still love me after all of these crazy pictures."


Carsons Inc. said...

Great post! Thanks for visiting our blog. I always think about visiting yours, but since I have yet to put you as a link, I keep forgetting your address! Chloe looks EXACTLY like her mama, don't ya think?

Ross said...

Those have to be the cutest two kids I have seen in a while. They look really sweet, too. They must get that from their Mama's :)
Shannon B