Ka Ho Lok

Last night our friend Ka Ho came over to show us how to fix the original Chinese cuisine. He is from Hong Kong and has attended Southeastern for the last several years. He and JR met in the Registrar's office and became immediate friends. They decided Monday night to go to a mart close by that had all they would need. They ate dinner that night out and JR was excited to have his favorite Chinese "general tsao's chicken" and Ka Ho died laughing at him. He told JR that it was by far not from China, but instead Chinese people in New York who were trying to please the Americans. We had a great time learning Ka Ho's special tricks and of course enjoyed eating it afterwards. I would attempt to spell out what it was that we had but I will just embarrass myself so I wont try. Instead I will tell you the funny thing my husband kept saying last night to try and speak Chinese and that was "Bong Chow" (in his very best Chinese accent too of course). Ka Ho just laughed everytime letting him know that it was in now way even close to a real Chinese word haha :) We enjoyed a great game of SORRY after dinner and had a great night together. Ka Ho is about to move to Canada to get his PHD and we will definitely miss our friend. He gave us his wonderful recipes though, so the Ka Ho tradition will continue to go on in the Isham household :)

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