Victorious again!!

Mason won the Wyndham Tournament of Champions yesterday at GreyStone Golf Club in Nashville. You can view the scoreboard Here. You can also see the TGA Junior Tour Results
that shows you he has won 5 of his 6 tournaments on the tour!!! He called me last night on their way home and I think I have figured out how he is winning all of these. He said Dad told him he was behind by 2, when in fact he was ahead by 2. So when he came back those 2 shots he thought he just tied the guy, but soon realized after leaving the last green that he in fact WON! Gotta love that Griffin pressure that is always laid on. We HATE to lose :)

Mamaw and Frank came through last night and stopped to visit with us. We love having company so it was a real treat! We had some good dinner together and then Mamaw and I went shopping again... for what? None other than sewing stuff!!! I got my first pattern and material so we shall see how well I can do. My hope is to make a orange and white poka dot skirt for the UT games. Wish me luck :) Thanks Mamaw for all of your help!

My husband is such a wonderful servant. Anytime we have company he always want them to share his wonderful homemade pancakes with us. Since Mamaw had brought fresh blueberries, this morning they were blueberry pancakes haha! Thanks again Mamaw and Frank, we love you guys!

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