One muscular marriage

One of my friends from college, Jessica Paxson Putnam was recently publicized in the Knoxville News. Her and I met in Phi Mu and were part of a close group of friends together. Our sophomore year she began to get really involved in body building and at the time no one had any idea she would get so serious. Now, 5 years later she is a star :) She just got married last year to a fellow body builder named Peter Putnam. They were recently in the news as having "One muscular marriage." The article has tons of more details about their careers and explains what life is like being a body builder. I am so proud of Jess for her hard work and discipline. She was always that friend who had a very strict diet and could not do things with us girls sometimes b/c she had to eat at a certain time or certain things. While most girls could not handle this while in college, she stuck with it. Her hard work has now definitely paid off because she is a star in the fitness world. Great job Jess!
Here is a picture I took of her right before our senior formal. All of the girls met at her house before (She was one of 6 Phi Mu roommates) we went. As you can see she was not able to go with us b/c she had a competition very soon after that. I always loved to make her pose for me like she does in competitions haha!

Here she is with her husband Peter, showing off her cover on Flex.

And here she is in the 2005 figure competition in Pittsburgh, where she placed second.

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