Happy Birthday JD!

Today is JD's 24th birthday! JD and I have been friends since elementary school and she is one of those friends who I could not live without. We developed a strong bond over sports in our younger years that quickly developed into being more like sisters. When JD and I were not playing or practicing a sport together, she was usually over at my house. She is just like a member of our family and just like my mom said at my sister's birthday a few weeks ago, "It wouldnt be a family birthday party if JD wasnt here with us." She is an amazing friend who has been there for me through SOOO much! It is funny because now that my memory is absolutely terrible (not sure why but i swear I have amnesia sometime haha) I have to call her and ask her about my past. She always says, "Lindsey, dont you remember that time that we did this or went there?" Yea i have no clue :) I love you JD and am so thankful for the amazing woman you are. God has truly blessed me by giving me a friend like you. I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

well thanks for making me cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you too, and i feel very blessed to have a friend like you in my life!! i love you and cant wait to see you again!