In November of 2005, I had no idea that when we took this picture it would mean so much to me. The past 2 days in our chapel services here on campus we have talked about missions and oh does my hurt burn. I remember the first time JR had asked me if I wanted to go to Africa with him and I laughed and said he must be crazy. I also remember that after spending 2 weeks with the people of Swaziland, I said that I never wanted to leave. I truly encourage each of you to listen to Dr. Akin (our President at SEBTS) and Dr. Ashford's (our Director of Missions Center) sermons on our school's website. They will truly bless your heart!

Dr. Ashford's message is about the greatest missionary there has ever been, the apostle Paul. He explains that when Paul realized his debt to Christ because He had died for him, he rearranged his life to repay Christ for that debt. Wow! He also explained how Paul went to the land of Rome, which was the place that no one wanted to go, and he went knowing that he might die for the gospel, yet he was not ashamed. Dr. Ashford further explains God's call to man to fulfill the Great Commission of spreading the gospel to all tribe, tongue and nation. He then asks these very hard questions:
1. Do you really understand what Christ has done for you? And if so do you see yourself as a debtor?
2. Do you feel the truth of Hell and if so do you understand that the gospel can deliver all people from it?
3. Are you ready to go to that uncomfortable place (like Paul went to Rome)? Are you willing to give up the comforts you have grown used to because you value God more than those material things?
4. Do you understand the depths of man's depravity?

This message has laid heavy on my heart all day long and so I wanted to share it with you. I hope it pricks your heart like it did mine.


Denira Baird Williams said...

this is awesome....I know how you feel. The summer that I spent in Africa changed my life forever, as did my time in Trinidad. I have a heart for missions and cannot wait to be sent back out one day. No one understands how awesome it is to serve God in that aspect until they have been there!! I'm glad you share in that knowledge and passion!!!

Liz said...

hey i'm ready let's pack up and go now you know when ya'll go i'm coming w/ you and probably a 6 foot 2 singer w/ braids too :-)