Classic Lindsey and JR

There is one thing for sure about me... I TREASURE PICTURES!!! I have loved to take pictures ever since I was a little girl, and now I love being able to look back at them. Photos are the memories of of our past and the treasures for our future. I LOVE PICTURES :) I am so thankful now that I have a scanner at home where I can have a permanent record of these great photos in case something ever happens. But you better believe if our house was burning, this would be the things I ran to first!

I first have to start with probably the most hilarious one. This is JR and I's first picture that we ever took together. It was 1998 (he was 16 and I was 15) and we were headed to his football banquet
Now we have my favorites of JR as a child....
Classic shot in his favorite cowboy boots :)
And you have to love the bowtie!
My all-time favorite of the Isham brothers. Can you believe how much they look alike?
JR at age 1
JR in front of his favorite airplane on his dad's air force base
Look at that curly hair :)
The little All-Star

Now favorites of my childhood:
Baby Lindsey
Flower girl at age 1
I always loved to swim!
Dont I look so sweet and innocent? ha!
My love for sports started at an early age. Here I am 8.
In 2nd grade and loving my bangs :)

Yes I was a ballerina once

My real hair color haha :)

Hope you enjoyed! And a note to all of you parents out there... keep the cameras flashing :) You will treasure the shots you take forever and when your kids are old enough they will love to have them too!!!


Denira Baird Williams said...

these are great!

Lance and Cindy said...

oh my word! love the old photos!
Is that JR with a 'stache??? And you as an itty bitty flower girl?? Clearly Lindsey's love of weddings is not a new development!!!