What happens on a Saturday with no UT football?

I am really bored ha! And why didnt anyone tell me that washing your baseboards was fun? Oh yea because it is probably the least fun thing to do ever :) Oh when I do not have an excuse to watch UT football on Saturdays and am at home and have been gone for several weekends in a row in turns into cleaning the house saturday for me... oh how glorious ha! JR cleaned out the garage and I attempted to clean the inside from top to bottom. Since the baseboards took me almost the whole morning there was not much time for that much more. Man I am pretty sure that was the 1st time they have every been cleaned ha... and yes that is sad to admit. You better believe I will not have another Saturday with nothing planned again hahah. We made up for it by hanging out with the Graham's tonight. We always have fun with our good buddies :)


AnnFrankV said...

Mawmaw said it looks like youz guyz have been DIZZY !!

Out-law, frank

Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Lindsey, I totally feel your pain right now! The only difference for me is that I get excited when these times come that I can clean when Connor is napping. I am so tired of working on the house right now... I told Brad that I cant even remember when the last time was that I actually did something for FUN! We are going to the SC game in a few weeks, so that it definitely something to look forward to!