It's great to be a TN vol!

This weekend we had a great time back in Tennessee witnessing the first TN victory of the season at home. We had our very first tailgating experience which made it a very eventful day. I will have to say that i had no idea how hard those things are to do. Luckily my husband is wonderful and I had so help getting things ready.. it definitely took a team effort. My mom, Sue and Mamaw Ann helped me with food prep and getting things together beforehand and then i had Katie, Crystal and Tiffany there to help me make it happen on Saturday. What was supposed to be a Phi Mu Alumni tailgate turned into an Isham friends reunion so it was great! We got to see so many college friends... it definitely felt like we were back home while in the Big Orange country :)

Our season tickets also proved to be great ones... and of course we won 39-19 so it was a great day to be a TN vol!!!


Jenn and Chris Looney said...

Mom! You might have missed your calling as a professional photographer/videographer :) Love it. That will come in handy one day when you are a profressional wedding planner. Looks like you all had so much fun - sad I missed it, but can't wait for the UGA game.

Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Oh how fun! It look like you all had a great time. I got chills just from watching your video of them running through the T! I always do!!! Go Vols!