Youth Group Reunion

Sunday we had Homecoming at Rockwood United Methodist church. This is the church that JR and I went to and where we met in high school. We had a great time seeing old friends that we normally do not get to see on a regular basis, and reminiscing on our past times in the youth group together. My Mimi and Potts were the leaders of this group and it was a special time to have all of us back together in the youth room. I am so glad I got to see you guys!The crew with Mimi and Potts
Me and my MimsterDarby and IBrett and his fiancee hillary
Brooke and her fiance Ted

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Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Again, what can I say... I am so SAD and sorry I missed this! I am going to have to visit there soon to show Mr. Connor off to everyone! Congrats to Brooke! I didnt know she was engaged!