Is that a watermelon?

This is my sweet friend Emily Stiles... isnt she the cutest? I have not seen pregnant Emily until I saw this picture and when I saw it I immediately thought... my goodness that looks like a watermelon under her shirt ha! I am really jealous of all of these cute expecting moms out there who dont even look pregnant except for the baby bump. I will go ahead and warn everyone out there that when my day comes it is going to be a lot more than just a watermelon.. I am thinking more along the lines of a whale haha :) Emily you look terrific and I cannot wait to see pictures of your sweet baby girl Ella! Emily and her husband Nick will be expecting her arrival on December 8th... and I am sure her Aunt Natalie will be counting down every day until then ha! Love you guys :)


Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

This is too cute! I remember when people would say that to me and want to rub my belly and I felt anything BUT cute!

Natalie said...

I know she is so cute pregnant. When I get pregnant I will be so big and swollen I will be almost unrecognizable!