One misfortunate after another

Friday we had our hopes set to get on the road early so that we could enjoy the day at Whitestone. We got up at 6:30am and were packed and ready hoping to leave at 7:00am. JR went outside to feed the dogs and realized that they were stuck together again (yes it is what you are thinking). So what should have taken 2 minutes took more like 20. We finally get in the car and the cooler dumps over, putting the ice all over the back seat. Get that cleaned and get about 15 minutes down the road and all of a sudden I hear this awful noise... yea pretty sure it was a flat tire. JR says, "No big deal we have a spare, so let me change it." He gets out of the car and then next thing I know he says he has got the tool stuck on the 1st lugnut... therefore cannot get off the other 3. So we call Jay who works with him and isnt too far away and he brings his tool and it is too big. That meant we had to call AAA and wait on them to get there... which took 1 1/2 hours. Finally it was fixed and we headed to the repair shop to buy 2 new tires (which of course took more time). While in the repair shop I had to go the bathroom. I had my phone with me and set it on the sink. I am sure you guessed something would happen to it and it did. When AAA called back to confirm it vibrated into the sink where I was washing my hands.. AKA it went dead immediately! We finally get in the car and head out of town at 11:30 (4 1/2 late). So we finally get to Whitestone that night just in time for dinner... whew what a relief. Oh but the fun did not stop there haha! I will not bore you with too many other details however I have to share the war wound that was given to me by myself that was just the icing on the cake after all of the weekend fun :)

So Jessica and I put T's on our faces for the game on Saturday. When I got home that night I decided to get it off before I went to bed. Now keep in mind that I have worn these things a 100 times and therefore have gotten them off my face with ease 100 times before. Yea so evidently this time I rubbed too hard and rubbed off the first few layers of skin on my cheek. It is really not that bad but just makes me laugh and say, "really are you kiddin me?"

After all of this JR and I did have a good weekend and are just laughing about it. Sometimes I wander if this weekend will be a curse for us forever haha, since the past 2 have been rather interesting. But through it all we still are loving each other and at the end of the day laughing about the mis fortunates so that is all that matters right? :)


Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Oh Lindsey... I am still laughing (sorry...) I just cant believe that all of those things could happen all in a few hours and keep on and on... I think we have all had one of those days, although this is pretty bad! At least you can laugh now though, right? Remind me to tell you the story about the move from Knoxville to Nashville! Needless to say, we almost moved right back, we just know we were cursed! I really missed you all on Sunday! You have no idea how sick I was to miss it! We are just trying to get a little organization in our lives which is hard with a 9 month old. Love, Tara
Happy Anniversary!

The Davis Family said...

Oh gosh! Sounds like an eventful weekend...to say the least. Clint and I said a little prayer for your 1 year anniversary this weekend, and it looks like you needed it :) Glad you are able to laugh through the tough times. I'm not so sure I would have been laughing after the tire incident!!!