September 27, 1998

September 27, 1998 was the day that JR and I officially started our journey together. 9 YEARS AGO! I was 15 and a sophomore in high school and he was 16 and a junior. As you can tell in the picture we have not changed to to much physically, except of course the hair :) However for us to think back to then, man how times have changed in our relationship. Back then we were just two kids who didnt have a clue what God had in store for us at all ha! Our relationship truly has been through a lot in these 9 years and I am thankful for the many twists and turns it has taken along the way. We broke up a couple of times in high school (over stupid little things) and then again my junior year of college for 9 months. I can truly say that it was during those times that God grew each of us individually so that we could be where we are today. We have learned a lot about each other in these 9 years, but oh how much more there is to learn :) It is very interesting now to have 2 different anniversaries (one dating and one married) and of course they are only 4 days apart so it isnt that big of deal ha. We will from now on count the wedding day as our real anniversary but dont think I am giving up those other 8 years ha!!! High school sweethearts, I am so glad we made it despite all the odds against us :)


Mike said...

Happy anniversary.



Nikki said...

Happy anniversary! That is such a cute story. I am so happy for both of you. I can truly appreciate your feelings of thankfulness that you and JR have made it through good times and bad. Joe and I have a similar story. It is interesting that I know quite a few people who married their high school sweethearts.