Happy Birthday Tyler!

Today my little bro is 21! I am so incredibly proud of him and how he has become a young man over the years. He is a senior at UT and studying engineering, he is very handsome, and best of all he has a heart of gold :) He and I have been through a lot these last 21 years and even though we were not the best of friends in early childhood, I still loved those days. Here we are posing for a Christmas shot, I am 5 and he is 1 1/2.

A lot has changed since those days. Despite how much it looks like we like each other in this picture, we really didnt haha. I was a bratty big sister and he was a whinny little brother, definitely not a good combo :)
These last four years, he has definitely grabbed ahold of this big heart of mine and now we are the best of friends. I love how he still looks up to me as his big sis and will call me daily about anything. I love you bro... you are the best brother a sister could ever ask for! I look forward to many more great memories with you. Today we celebrate you and the wonderful man that you are. I love you!

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