Our one year in review...

This weekend JR and I will be celebrating our ONE YEAR anniversary! Thinking back on our first year together brings a tear to my eye, especially seeing all of the pictures that each have a story! It is so amazing what all has happened to us in our first year together and seeing all of these pictures is definitely a reminder of how good God has been to us. This year has been both challenging and exciting and through it all God has grown us and our marriage. I am thankful for the challenges as they have made our marriage grow along the way. I am also so grateful for the amazing man God has given me to be a partner with me along the way. For this past year I am very thankful :)

I hope come up with 15 things I have learned throughout the year. These things I will forever remember about our first year of marriage ha!

In no particular order:
- How important it is to keep God in the middle of everything. You must let Him in EVERY part of your life in order to be truly blessed.
- How God will use your husband to challenge you to grow in Him
-How amazing it is to have a family of friends who make us feel right at home here in NC
-How fun date nights are even when you are married :)
-How important it is to create family traditions
-How the goodness of your job is not always measured by the work necessarily but instead by the amazing people you work with!
-How important it is to continue celebrating with your family in birthdays and holidays, even when there is a long road in between
-How much I love taking pictures to document our journey along the way :)
-How the 1st few months of marriage are really hard in transitioning, and some one forgot to tell me that! ha
-How important it is for you to grab your husband and know that it is you + God + him --> against everything else in the world.
-How important the church family is to your walk with God
-How important girl's nights/weekends are :) I miss my girl time for sure but JR has been wonderful and knows that it is important for me to have that time.
-How you can truly (and not just say so to be saying so) love each other more and more each day!
-How far away, yet becoming closer and closer the 6 1/2 hour drive can be
-How wonderful it is to have a partner in life, aka our new Team Isham! JR is always there supporting me and loving me even when I do not deserve it. I love you so much sweetie!


Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Happy 1st anniversary!! Isnt marriage just great! Time has flown by for me, I cant believe Brad and I have been married 5 years! That means we have been together for 15... Am I that old?!

Anonymous said...

yeah!!!!!! i hope you all have a great time celebrating! when are you adding to the isham team????

The family said...

happy anniversary!

Jenn and Chris Looney said...

Happy Anniversary Ishams! I loved the slideshow. Hope you two are having a wonderful weekend :)