UT has called in backup

All of you UT fans out there have no fear for tomorrow.... I am suited up and ready to help out our defense. Ok of course I am being ridiculous and this picture is crazy too but hey I would if they would let me ha! Lord knows they needed it last weekend :)

JR and I are headed back into town today after work. We are having a Phi Mu alumni tailgate before the game and expect to see many of old college friends so we are very excited! It is also Tyler's birthday celebration.. the big 21. Another fun-filled weekend in Tennessee...

I will be wearing my orange and be proud on Saturday.. finally putting to use the season tickets we have been waiting to use forever!!! GO VOLS!

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Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

We are so jealous! We didnt get to go to a game last year because I didnt think that I coule fit in a seat! Ha! Maybe soon we will get to go back to good ole' Rocky Top!