Can we say exhausted?

I have always thought about doing this but never really had the time. Well last night my body made me make the time haha! This last month I have done nothing but go, go, go and my body hates me for it I think :) Last night after work I went home to lay down for a brief power nap so that I could get ready to clean my house that looks like a cyclone went through it. I laid down at 5:34pm and can you guess when I woke up? 11:28pm only to use the bathroom, put on my pj's and go right back to bed until 7:15am this morning. That is a total of 14 hours of sleep!!!! Needless to say I feel rejuvenated now and am ready to finish off this great week.

This week at work has been Sandy Creek Revival week. We have had 3 excellent preachers come in and speak at chapel and also had a Youth Night on Tuesday where about 200 teenagers from our community came. 12 received Christ of the first time that night... to God be the Glory!

This weekend I am so glad to say that we will NOT be traveling. It will be a catch-up weekend for JR and I, since we have fallen behind. Oh and of course there will be a nice long break Saturday at 3:30 to watch TN and FL duke it out. Yea not really sure if I want to run my mouth about it before the game or not because honestly since we dont have a defense, I am pretty sure it will be difficult for us to win. Nevertheless, I will have my orange on, shaker in hand, and will be singing Rocky Top on gameday... a true fan never stops doing that :)

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Denira Baird Williams said...

I feel ya.....I've had those 'come home and go take a nap" days for the past 2 weeks!