All Grown Up

3 of my very best friends have done a really good job of making me realize how grown up we are now. Katie and her husband Josh just moved to Chattanooga, TN from Pittsburg. They are both from TN so this was a move back home for them, even though their family is in Shelbyville. She just gave me the word yesterday that they have purchased a home there and when I saw the picture I was definitely WOWED! That house is bigger than my parents haha. Katie you are definitely a BIG girl now :)

I also got a call from Jessica this week that her and her husband Boyce put an offer on a house in Farragut and it was accepted! As soon as they sell their condo they will also join the "I live in a REALLY big house club" ha!

And then my sweetest Gracie. She had her 6 month pictures recently and they are just precious Haley- thanks you just added to my sense of feeling old :)

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The Davis Family said...

Yay for moving back to TN and new homes!!