Oh what a fun weekend to celebrate a VICTORY over Georgia!!! Man I am telling you what I would have never guessed it would have went in our favor that much.. but hey I knew I still believed :) We had a great game day hanging out with old college friends.

These are my guys and gals friends that used to always go to the games together. Our nickname in college was the "Saunches and Saunchitas" ha.. yea dont ask b/c i am not even sure myself, but hey we made lots of memories I know that :)
Me, Adrienne, Crystal and Jenn
showing off our T's
TN girls are always ready for football! We used to all play intramurals together :)
The Bro and I
Haley, Crystal and I
Gracie and Haley
isnt her outfit the cutest :)
The Isham's and the Geabhart's
Crystal and I
The whole family is in orange!
Meg, Sara, me, Crystal and Alicia
Man that looks so pretty doesnt it?
We visited the Vol Navy after the game so we could see the Graham's
Elizabeth and I
Me, Emily (with Baby Luke) and Elizabeth

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Jeremy and Lacy said...

Looks like you had a great time! Go VOLS!