Dont stop believing!

Even though this season has been a little less than 100% for the Vols, you better believe that I will never stop cheering them on :) Last night I made these festive desserts to share with my tailgating friends tomorrow and I just happen to have enough for an extra cake. So I decided to make it for someone very special here at work. Dr. Akin (our President at the seminary) is a big Georgia fan. On Wednesday at chapel he brought his GA sweatshirt and made sure everyone knew who he was cheering for in the upcoming game. I brought the cake for him today to offer a peace offering so he knew that even though we were cheering for opposing teams that we ultimately would both finish this life in heaven together (even though he thinks that TN fans need to repent hehe). Sadly he was not in his office today so instead I had to take pictures of the cake and email him. I got an response from his secretary that he said, "Tell her she sure must believe she has great job security!!!!!!" Ha I love to have friendly competition can you tell? :)

GO VOLS!!!!!

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Denira Baird Williams said...

It's always fun to have friendly competetion...especially if you win!