Let's play a game...

With Halloween being tomorrow... I definitely can say I have candy on the brain :) I thought it would be fun to have everyone take the candy quiz. Please email me your answers to lgriffi2@gmail.com and I will send the winner a special monogrammed prize!!!

Here are the clues, now you guess what candy:

1. A famous trio
2. A galaxy
3. Cant hold onto anything
4. Twin Letters
5. To chuckle to oneself
6. Before 1
7. A famous baseball player
8. A worker's favorite day of the week
9. An Indian burial ground
10. A joy to be around
11. A rainbow of colors
12. They can save your life
13. A planet
14. What do you call this
15. Superman's human name
16. A famous New York street
17. these tamalies are great
18. don't be a sourhead

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