Dress up days...

First of all I cannot believe it is already time for Halloween. I just realized last night that I do not have a pumpkin yet or anything.. which is very unusual for me since I am normally always very festive. Anyways, I am dressing up in a costume tonight for an evening of social dancing with the girls and as I was trying to figure out what to be (which I still have no clue by the way), I thought back to my man days of dress up. I actually LOVE to dress up and did it quite often in college. Here I am with the old Enterprise crew last year. Somehow I ended up being Ricky Bobby the race car driver ha... dont ask!Here is one of the many dress up parties my girlfriends and I went to. The theme was "Ghetto Fab" :)
Here we are for our "Safari" Date party

My friend Monica and her boyfriend Rob always had the best outfits ha! The monkey and her Chiquita banana :)

Here I am at MDA camp dressing up for skit night as a "dude"

Sometimes we dressed up just for fun for whatever holiday it was... lots of green for St. Patrick's Day!

This date party was "Dynamic Duos" where you and your date had to dress up as a pair. Here we have a frat guy, cop, prom queen, "Hamburgerlar ", and Casey Clausen.
Here are JR and I as prom queen and prom king. What a dynamic duo we make :)
And there was always the infamous "Mad Plaid" date party every year where you had to find as much plaid as possible and wear it!

Next year I hope to try and make my own costume... I pretty much just let it sneak up on me this year and have not been able to prepare anything! I am sure I can pull off the TN fan or cowgirl though with no problem if I cant find anything else ha!

PS. Say a little prayer for JR, Dad and Mason. Right now they are beginning their 30 mile hike in the Smokey Mountains!


Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

I love all of those costumes and have no doubt that you will come up with something very creative as always!

Anonymous said...

I said a little prayer for them as I was close by