Happy Halloween!

I hope you guys have had a fun and festive day! I will have to say that this year I have not been as in the spirit as normal... no costume, no carving a pumpkin and no Halloween party. I think it is because I am in that in between age right now where I am not in college or high school anymore so therefore no dress up for school and I do not have any kids yet to dress up either so therefore I am right in between. Plus the fact that it has completely caught me by surprise that today is really the last day of October! I still feel like it is just now September ha! For work I did decide to make some cookies... my two favorites-

candy corn!

Thank you to everyone who played my candy quiz game! I am proud to announce that Missy Davis is our winner! Congrats Missy... I will send you your prize soon! Tabitha, Kristy, Adrienne and Heather you all just missed one :( Sorry girls!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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The Davis Family said...

Wooohooo, I won!! Those cookies look good!