Can you really live out all the rules of the Bible?

Yesterday a friend of mine pointed out this video to me that she had seen on the Today Show. It was very intriguing to me as she explained there was a man who decided to try to live out every single "rule" that had been stated in the Bible for an entire year. Watch the video and you will see a man who was seeking to know that if it could really be done and how it would change his life.


After watching it I immediately realized the importance of the Holy Spirit in each of our lives. How could this man read the Bible every day and study the Word to find out everything he could about it and still not get how much he needed Jesus? He was very honest in his interview with Matt Lauer stating that trying to live by the rules of even the 10 commandments was impossible by on his own. The world we live in is so easy to tell us that we can make these so called "rules" into whatever we chose to fit our life the best. I am no biblical scholar but after watching this it truly makes me want to shake this man and say, "What is wrong with you!" Instead God pointed me to the reality and importance of the Holy Spirit and that no matter how much a man seeks after Him, unless he accepts Him and the Holy Spirit takes over his life, he will never understand. How thankful I am that God chose to die for me, live in me and reveal Himself to me every day.

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