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Today I received 2 emails from Liz that truly hit home with me. The first one was from her good friend Damien (who I have posted about before) that tours with Big and Rich, the country music band. They are currently in Sudan ministering to the people there and their update truly reminded me of how blessed I am. I remember when I was in Africa myself a couple of years ago, I had never really known until that moment how lucky I was. Living in the US we tend to take so many of the basic necessities for granted. I have never struggled to have food when i want it, I have never had to walk 3 hours to school, I have never seen a loved one die from aids, I have never had to battle for my own freedom, I have never been scared I would get malaria, I have never not had clothes on my back or a place of shelter.. and yet I have never been so genuinely happy about life as the people in Africa and other countries that experience these things every single day.

Letter From Big Kenny In Sudan
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Here's letter from Big Kenny Alphin of Big & Rich. He and his wife are in the Sudan taking food and supplies to the people there. Big Kenny donated his royalties from "Last Dollar (Fly Away)", which he wrote for Tim McGraw.

Here's his letter:

"The past 24 hours in the village of Akon have been the most incredible of my life. We were greeted on the runway by over 500 singing children and community members and leaders. David (Physician and friend David Marks is coordinating medical supply aid with Dr Luka Deng on the ground in Sudan) met with over 75 patients today and the line will be longer tomorrow as word spreads. From the school under trees, the clinic with not more than a roof and a table, to a public meeting where they all sang and expressed there appreciation of our visit and urgent needs, this trip has already surpassed my expectations.

Some thirty of the patients seen today had malaria. Most of them had to wade across rivers to come to school. Some walk three hours each way to get here. I've never in my life seen a more impoverished situation nor have I ever met more genuinely happy and appreciative people. They have fought for over 20 years for their basic freedoms, now they have to fight for their lives, the basic necessities of food, water, education and healthcare. Their main concern is to save their children. The aid we were able to bring will no doubt save lives.

We were able to arrive with all 20 crates of aid we brought from the US in addition to picking up a couple hundred survival kits from CSI for returning refugees. The trip has no doubt encouraged us all to take responsibility to help and improve humankind. A world with out prejudice!! Love will lead the way, BK and the Team Akon

The 2nd email was another very sad one to receive. As many of you know, JR and I were very involved in MDA camps in the summers of high school and college. We developed a wonderful camp family while we were there (hence Liz, Constance and many others!) and still keep up with everyone that we had met there. One of our campers passed away Sunday. His name was Drew and he was 18 years old. I can truly say that I had never met someone with as much wisdom and wit for his age. He was definitely full of life and a real firecracker that kept all of the counselor's on our toes for sure!!! I am so thankful that Drew is now dancing in Heaven with Jesus no doubt and will no longer have to be held back with the sickness of MD. I am sad too that his life was so short, but know that God used him to make a huge impact on myself and everyone else that came in contact with him. He never let MD hold him back or slow him down...

Here Drew is doing his favorite.. bustin a move with Dusty and JR :)

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