Visit to Chatt-town


One of my bridesmaids and dearest friends from college is getting married… FINALLY ha! Just kidding Crystal, I know you always said you’d be 30 before you did get married and I think Nik was definitely worth the wait! I am so pumped to be able to have a girls’ weekend coming up in October to attend her wedding in Texas. This weekend she had a shower in her hometown, Chattanooga, and I was thankful I lived so close to I could attend!


My gift to her…. at the bottom it says “These are the dates that changed our lives forever.”


Chattanooga is also where my bestest friend lives and so the boys and I had a slumber party with her and her little man, Ike! Needless to say it was very different than all of our previous slumber parties, but a first of many memories with our boys together!


Griffin and Ike were precious together. He will be 1 on Sunday and he just loved following Griffin around. Griff was also super sweet to him!


We all had a pool day at Crystal’s parents house on Monday.


I LOVED getting to see these two girls, and especially seeing my boys spend time with them. It definitely was more chaotic with our kiddos, but that is just life these days Smile


Love you Katie and Crystal! So thankful for our friendship over 11+ years and all the stages along the way!

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