I got my hair did!

 After some contemplation, I decided it was time for a new do! I'm so thankful to have a mom as a hair stylist and so she hooked me up! Thank you Mother!
The side view

 We cut off quite a bit and added some layers. The before was honestly a good hair day at the time... if I was honest it was in a pony tail 99% of the time!

One of the many reasons I love Pinterest is for all of the different hair styles you can find.
 This is Pinterest hair inspiration 1

And Pinterest hair inspiration 2!

The last time I had a major haircut was back in August, 2009.... ha yep I think it was about time!!

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Linda said...

Hi Lindsey! I really love your new "do"! Just found your blog and am really enjoying catching up with your family happenings.