Smokies game!


The boys and I were invited to a Smokies game with our friends the Brillantes for Channa’s birthday. JR was out of town on a staff retreat so it was fun to have something to do to keep us busy!


The big downfall of being a single mom at a baseball game though is that you don’t want much baseball ha. The boys enjoyed being able to roam in the suite seats we had and really only cared about the snacks.


Luckily we werent the only ones with kids and so all of the boys had fun together. Here is their oldest son Tyler, Mr. Cutie Patootie!


Carter did get into the game every now and then and would yell over the rail, “Go, go, go!”



The Bowens also tagged along since they were without their Daddy too. Like I said, 6 boys 3 and under meant a lot of craziness. As we told another friend who was there, “A baseball game is totally different with toddlers!” Still making memories though and enjoying watching the boys experience new things!

Thank you Brillantes for inviting us!

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