UT wreath tutorial

We are gearing up to cheer on the Big Orange at the Isham house! I was thrilled to be able to find orange burlap at Hobby Lobby and it inspired this DIY UT wreath.
First of all, I learned from Pinterest to use a pool noodle as a wreath mold. That’s $1 at the dollar store vs. about $12 at a craft store. Heck yes! Just put the ends together and tape it so that it makes a perfect circle.
Next, I modified this tutorial for the burlap. You will need about a yard. I cut the pieces into 1.5 inch wide and about 12 inches long. First you wrap the entire noodle so that you can no longer see it (mine was lime green… doesn't really go with orange ha!) Then you basically take each strip and loop it 3 times and then pin the ends together. Sorry I didn’t take pictures, but the tutorial above shows you.
Last, but not least, I picked up a wooden T at hobby lobby for $2,  painted it white and hot glued it on. I had the football ribbon on hand and decided to add a little in for some extra.
Walla! $7 DIY Go Big Orange wreath!


Chad & Meredith Hulette said...

You need to sell those on Etsy! You could seriously charge so much more than it costs to make them... do seasonal ones and holiday ones with the families' last name initial on them! No everyone is as talented as you but everyone would love a cute wreath like that!

Tara said...

I think I'm gonna make one! Thx for the tips!

alicia harrison said...

So cute!