Craft Nook

If you've followed my blog long, then you know I like to attempt to be crafty. Well I am thrilled to say that I now have my own crafty area! We have a corner of our kitchen that was just the spot and I am SO pumped to be able to not only get all my crafty supplies accessible, but also use some of my favorite pinterest ideas to decorate the space. Of course, a crafty area needs to be cute to inspire you, right? :)

I had so many ideas and it was difficult to combine them all but I am pleased with the cuteness and yet functionality of it all. I knew I wanted a "to do" chalkboard and a place to display some of the cute things my boys make at school.

I am also a sucker for cute printables and fancy frames!

The dollar section at Target was my best friend! Check out these magnetic containers... to cute!

Again.. functional and cute!

The trusty Cricut ready to be used

Just call me calendar girl. I love calendars, scheduling and planning ahead. I cant have too many calendars!

My 3 loves pictures to make me smile along with a sweet treat AND another calendar (this time weekly!)

My mom had passed down this baker's wrack many moons ago and it was the perfect addition for all my storage. I do plan to label the buckets, just as soon as I figure out what to put in them :)

LOVE the file folders I found in the Walmart back to school section!

DIY Project: Magnetic boards. Thanks to Pinterest I had the idea to use stove top burners from The Dollar Store, picking out cardstock, cutting the paper to fit, glueing it all together and then hot glueing a ribbon on top to hold it. Wala... a colorful magnetic board that fits your color scheme and is CHEAP!

Pom Pom garland makes me happy!

Again printables.. I am inspired by words!

The whole color scheme was based off of my kitchen curtains which I am also obsessed with! The best part about it ALL was that I did it on a very small budget. I repainted several frames, DIY magnetic boards, and stocked up on the dollar section at Target when I saw anything cute! Total for project. Total for this crafty area spent $22.61!

Hooray for a crafty area.... now to get to crafting some of my Pinterest pins!!!!

In case you wanted to look for any of the things I used here is a list of where they can be found:
To do chalkboard:  gift from Kirklands
fancy frames: Carolina Pottery ($1.99)
circle chalkboard: Michaels ($1.99)
buckets: all from Target (sm $1, lg $2.50)
chevron bin: gift from Target
rainbow pom poms: Target ($1)
small corkboards where art is pinned: Target (set of 3 for $1)
oven burner toppers which I turned into magnetic boards: Dollar Store (2 for $1)
file folders: Walmart (3 pack for .88 cents)


Tara said...

Very cute, Lindsay!!! I love it all!

Cassie said...

Love wall of this! Whe did you get the curtains?

Cassie said...

Love all of this! Where did you get the curtains?