A week with friends

Last week our preschool took the week off in between summer and the new school year and so we enjoyed some extra time with friends!
My friend Elena brought her adorable daughter Scarlett over and she is such a good baby! I dont remember either of my boys ever being that quiet ha!

Griffin practiced holding the baby and was asked if he wanted a baby sister to which he emphatically said, "NO!" Oh silly boys!
Super pumped that one of my best friends from college just moved back to Knoxville to get her MBA. Adrienne joined us for dinner and the boys loved Aunt A-tay's story time!

Some of our closest friends from Wake Forest, the Ownbys, have family closeby and so we were THRILLED when they asked us to join them at the park while they were in town visiting. Griffin and Ella Claire giggled the entire time... and its funny how every other girl he is around he acts like they have cooties, but not EC!

A long overdue visit from the Angels also came this week. We went to high school with Shawn and his family lives so close to us now. We loved getting to have them over and seeing his precious daughter Mattie too!

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