Growing Boys


Just a little update on our two growing boys. First, this little boy is growing in A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E! Boy, oh boy… does he ever have the tude! This particular morning I he HAD to have his shoes on as soon as he woke up and was screaming until I somehow figured that out. Then he wanted to just have a diaper day, while carrying around his blanket and Mickey. Notice the face he gave me when I said, “Smile Carter!”


It’s the craziest thing though because he goes from one extreme to the other. One second he is rocking the attitude and then the next second he cant stop being silly and giggling. Here is Carter-man play peek-a-boo!


Big brother is becoming Mr. Independent. He loves learning new things and being able to do them all by himself. Newest things these days are making his bed (with a little help from Mom in the picture above), brushing his teeth including putting his own toothpaste on the toothbrush, throwing things in the trash and cleaning up his mess. Oh and of course, how could I forget? He only says this one EVERY time we get in the car because that’s where the gum is. “Mommy, I know how to chew gum!”


He is still obsessed with Batman and swears he needs to wear something with Batman on it everyday. The newest addition to his obsession is stuffed animal Batman, thanks to the Landers! He hasn’t put him down since he got him Smile


Though life these days is just slap crazy sometimes, there are sweet snapshots that God provides along the way, such as this one where Big Brother was teaching Little Brother how to shoot the ball up in the air.

I am crazy about these two… they make me crazy 99% of the time…. and yet somehow I wouldn’t change a thing! Blessed by these boys!

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