It's a BOY!!!

We were all SO eager to go to our ultrasound today to find out boy or girl and it became VERY obvious Carter was ALL boy quickly! The ultrasound tech in fact didnt even have to tell me, instead I said, "Well I know what that is... I've seen that before!" haha

JR and I both were thinking ALL boy from the beginning so we were right! After being blessed with such an amazing little boy the first go around we are so grateful for another. We truly couldnt be happier for Griffin to have a little brother. I hope that they will be the best of friends right from the start and look forward to watching them play together! Ahh my heart is full today, thank you Jesus :)

We ended up moving back the due date to February 14th.. yes VALENTINES DAY! The first ultrasound we didnt get all that great of a reading so we took the measurements from today. It is not really upsetting though bc even though its a week later, I will have a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks so it will still be the 2nd week of February. I'm pulling for the 7th :)

the proud big brother who has already been practicing saying "Carter"

as Daddy says, "It sounds like cracker" haha not really but whatever works... thats one of his favorite words :)

The evidence!

Sweet baby boy blowing bubbles

all snuggled up against mommy

scarey skeleton shot ha!

We love you Carter and cant wait to meet you in February!!!
Here is the video when we found out it was a boy.

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