Carter James

We have officially decided on our baby boy's name...
Carter James Isham
Carter is a family name on JR's side. His uncle, who we affectionately called "Bubba", was James Carter and also his mom's grandfather was a pastor and his name was Carter. I have always loved the name Carter even before I knew it was his family name and therefore all of the above gave it a YES! James is JR's first name, as well as his dad's, his dad's dad, Bubba, and my stepfather as well. On top of that, God has really been teaching both of us a lot out of the book of James, so it too seemed perfect for his middle name. The doctor determined that the due date is now officially February 14th based off the ultrasound. This puts week 39 (when I will have a c-section) at February 7th... or sometime that week. We are at week 19 currently and almost 1/2 way there. HOORAY!!!

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