We went to the doctor today and sadly we didnt get to have an ultrasound. We had been waiting on pins and needles for weeks now so it was disappointing but there were MANY positive things that did happen. First off, the baby and I are very healthy. We got to hear the heartbeat and the doctor said it was a very active little baby. Secondly we do get to have an ultrasound on Monday to check all of the baby's measurements and also find out the gender... like for real this time :) And we talked about c-section vs. VBAC and decided that a scheduled c-section was the best choice for us. We will schedule this around our 30 week appointment and they typically schedule them for 39 weeks. I am very excited about this because A)this relieves all of the anxiousness about wandering if I can actually deliver vaginally and B) the timing will be scheduled in advance- this is thrilling for a Type A planner like me :)

We did like the new doctor's office and Dr. Beaty was very nice. We will more than likely be able to pick both our date of delivery as well as our doctor, so that eases the worry about not knowing the doctor that will do the delivery. Overall we are VERY thankful for all good news and most importantly a healthy little baby!!

Check back again Monday... yes as in just 6 days away... to find out BLUE or PINK!

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