Happy 4 Year Anniversary to US!

Happy 4 year anniversary my love! It is always so fun to look back at our wedding day pictures and realize how little we knew then ha! Marriage has become so much more than "happiness" over the years and I am just so grateful that God continues to teach us the real purpose of it- to glorify Him. I know there have been more times that I have disappointed you than we both would hope, but I thank you for loving me despite that. Learning forgiveness and seeing how God uses every situation to bring us closer together is such a beautiful picture. My love for you has taken on so much more depth than when we first got married and above everything I am thankful that in all things you point me to Jesus. I would say that this year proved to be the most venturous thus far as we both tried to figure out what it meant to be parents. Griffin added so much joy to our lives and it has allowed us to slow down and focus on the simple things, now viewing the world through our child's eyes. Soon we will be welcoming our 2nd- more joy yet different challenges! Have I told you that I am so happy to be sharing my life with you? You have far exceeded my expectations and I am so thankful you are the "Daddy" to our kids. To see the way Griffin looks at you as his hero makes me fall more and more in love with you! Not only becoming parents, but also stepping into the roles of "pastor" and "pastor's wife." What a journey God has brought us on these last 4 years- I would have never guessed we would be where we are now, but I can honestly say I couldn't be happier. Knowing that we are exactly where God wants us to be gives so much peace and contentment that I wouldn't change a thing.
I love you so much and am truly blessed, Your Bride

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