PT attempt #1

2013-03-26 08.23.20

Well we attempted potty training with Carter this week since it was spring break. He had been begging to wear big boy undies and so now that he is two and I knew we would have 3 days to stay home and give it a try, we did. And well lets just say we will be trying again this summer ha! He LOVED wearing the underwear but did not so much love sitting on the potty, which of course is pretty important. I went back and looked at Griffin’s blog and realized I tried the exact same week with him when he was almost 2 and it wasn’t a success either. Note to self: the last week of March isn't a good time to potty train in our house!

Anyways, if I’ve learned one thing about my 2nd born its that he will not be doing anything that you try and make him do and its not on his terms. He knew he had to go pee and would run around the corner or upstairs to hide from me to do it. Then when I’d make him sit on the potty (or even stand) he SCREAMED! Yea no bueno…. it was a stressful 2 days for mommy!

He did look really cute with his brother in undies Smile

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