Birthday Girls’ Celebration!


This weekend I was able to celebrate with some of my best friends, who also are fellow 30th birthday girls. It was so fun growing up in elementary school all the way through high school having joint parties and celebrating the “big” birthdays like 16 and 18. Missy starts off the birthday train on the 23rd, Jessica the 25th, I am the 26th and Katie is March 1st… fun huh?!? And of course we couldn’t leave out JD and Charissa because we were all the best of friends back then and have been lucky enough to continue our friendships even 10 years later.

We started our girls day at the nail salon enjoying manicures and pedicures!


Such a treat for these two mommas to get pampered!


We then had a delicious dinner at Bonefish




Followed by ice cream and great conversation time catching up afterwards! We always can pick up right where we left off and its just great!


Love you girls! Thanks for celebrating 30 together!

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