Our Little Tee Ball Player!

2013-03-04 17.56.50

Griffin had his very first tee ball practice last night! It was very surreal for this Momma as I have loved the game since a very young girl and now all of a sudden I have a SON old enough to play too? He was super excited but a little timid, as he had never been a part of something organized before. Well really more like organized chaos ha!


I encouraged him to go get in line to catch the ball and throw it back to the coach. He did a very good job!


Here is the Orange team all huddled up with their coach. You’ll notice a girl standing next to Griffin in the back. That’s Colby, and she is good! She made this girl player proud. I’m willing to bed Griffin snags her as his new best friend soon, as he tends to navigate toward pretty girls Smile


Little brother wasn’t sure what was going on. How come Bubby could go out on the field and run and he couldn’t be right by his side as usual? Taking it all in… and soon he will be joining him too!

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