The best/worst UT game ever!


Last Saturday we took the family to watch the UT vs Troy homecoming game. This was the boys 2nd game this season, they loved their first one so they were excited! We took a pit stop at the photo booth to remember the occasion.


We were all bundled up for the chilly weather but still had our smiles on!

2012-11-03 12.59.44

This little stinker and his rotten smile. He was happy because he had popcorn ha!


It was tied in the fourth quarter and we were all nervous. Our defense hadnt stopped them all day and it was a nail biter!


Carter wasn’t too impressed and would rather have taken a snooze since it was 4pm by then. Luckily we DID pull off the 54-48 win with a last minute touchdown!!! It really was the most exciting game we’ve been to only because of all the points that were scored. Somehow Bray beat Mannings touchdown record too with 5 TD’s! Our defense on the other hand was rather sorry. 48 points to TROY. Ugh!

When we were walking out Griffin said, “That was the best UT football game I’ve ever been to!” Yes Buddy, it was!!!

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Kim said...

Bray would be amazing if he had anyone decent to throw the ball to!