14 weeks

2012-11-29 08.06.28

At 14 weeks the baby has doubled in size the last 2 weeks and is now 4 inches long and the size of a lemon! Baby can also now squint, frown, grimace, pee, and suck its thumb!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 4 lbs

Gender: We will find out in January. Have to wait until 20 weeks this time.

Movement: Oh yes! While the kicks aren't powerful right now, I do feel the baby moving often! Any time I sit still I can usually put my hand on my belly and feeling it moving.  

What I miss: Not really missing anything right now… just enjoying the moment!

Sleep: Sleeping good but cant seem to catch up. In 2nd trimester and still feeling very tired!

Symptoms: Nausea is continuing to hold on even though it’s the 2nd trimester.

Notes: We love our new doctor, Dr. Myers! He has a great personality, very thorough and we didn’t have to wait two hours in the waiting room!

Cravings: Nothing specific now but I have to eat something every 3 hours or the nausea kicks in.

What we are looking forward to: Calling our baby by name. This week we have wracked our brain and tried each night to narrow down our list for a boy. It really bothers me having to call the baby “it” or “baby.” I want to be able to pray for them by name and always feel like once we give the baby a name it becomes more real!

My list: Hudson, Knox, Noah, Grayson, Hunter, Paxton. JR likes: Knox, Tucker, Judah and Barnabas. Haha okay I think the last one was a way to get me fired up! He didn’t really like it but we just couldn’t agree on one!

After an 1.5 hour drive alone today we finally agreed!!!!! I jumped out of the car and ran around with excitement! Our convo went something like this.

L- “Well I REALLY love Hudson.” J- “I really love Judah.” L- I can do Judah as a middle name if Hudson can be the first name.” J- “Ok.Hudson Judah Isham. I like it.” He was so calm and I couldn’t believe it after he had so adamantly said no to Hudson. Our same name for a girl has carried on through all 3 pregnancies because we love it so much too. I am ecstatic!!!

So without further babble, our official names for baby #3 are:

Hudson Judah Isham


Lexi Grace Isham


***Update from 12.5 appointment: Keeping due date at June 1st, Mommy is dehydrated a bit but baby is great! Heart rate was 153.


Caroline said...

love love but im thinking girl :)

Caroline said...

love love but i think a girl name will be used


Love, love, love both! We're so excited for you guys and can't wait to meet Hudson or Lexi and love him/her like we do Griffin and Carter. Praying for you guys and love you!

Linda said...

Love, love, love both name choices! So happy for you!