12 weeks

2012-11-18 17.27.20_thumb

At 12 weeks the baby is 2 inches long and the size of a lime!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 4 lbs

Gender: We will find out in December…hopefully!

Movement:Laying on the couch tonight after a long day on my feet and what did I feel but a flutter! Very quick and then again a few more times!!

What I miss: Being able to to not frequent the bathroom as swear if I had a dollar for every time I went, all of our children would have a college fun!

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty good, now waking up twice in the night to go to the bathroom.

Symptoms: nausea. I skipped my zofran by accident one day and by 1:00 I felt like I was ahout to fall over from yuckiness. Gotta remember to take those meds!

Notes: Funny thing to note about the big brothers. They are both pretending to have babies in their bellies now too!

Cravings: Nothing specific now but I have to eat something every 3 hours or the nausea kicks in.

What we are looking forward to: Seeing our baby again and scheduling the gender ultrasound.

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