A thorough Mimi and Potts spoiling

Mimi and Potts got to spend 5 days with us and to say that they spoiled us all is an UNDERSTATEMENT! First up was a trip to Chuck E Cheese.... I'm not sure who had more fun playing games, Griffin or Mimi and JR ha!

We were so grateful to have them watch the boys for us while we had lots to do for the Green wedding. Griffin didnt skip a beat and enjoyed playing with Potts. They played ball outside, rocked in the rocking chairs, got out every toy in his room and had lots of laugh time too!

Griffin reading Potts a book

Carter enjoyed what he does best... LOTS of eating! And there were some coos and giggles too :)

Mimi held him pratically the entire time and gave him so much attention that it took Mommy 2 days to get him unspoiled haha... JK! Well not really but I know thats what great grandmothers are for :)

They took us out to lunch after church Sunday and I was finally able to snap a shot of all 4 of them.

There is NO doubt that this weekend couldnt have happened if they werent here to help us. We were busy Thursday-Saturday until very late each night so we were thankful to know the boys were well taken care of!

Now they are continuing their anniverary vacation and headed to the beach! Happy early 50 years to the greatest couple I know. We love you and are so glad you let Wake Forest be your 1st stop on your trip!

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Amber said...

i love all of your posts!! they are always so positive and thankful in nature! your the best!