Our new RIDE!

We are thrilled to welcome this new ride to our family! Its a 2008 Honda Odyssey and we feel so blessed that it worked out for us to get it. We always knew that we would welcome a van to our family one day but it worked out to come now and I'm THRILLED! We had been saving for awhile and then JR also decided it was time to sell Big Red, which was really hard! He is such a good Daddy though and knew that the truck was not practical with our family and therefore we shouldnt just keep it around. It broke my heart to see him have to part ways with him and Griffi is still asking where Big Red is :( So we sold Big Red last Sunday and just decided to go and "shop around," but not planning to buy anything for about a month. This was actually the first van we found and I had told myself I couldnt fall in love with it just yet.... but after some major negotiating we went back on Thursday and decided we couldnt pass up the offer they gave us! The van as I said before is almost 4 years old but it honestly looks brand new on the inside. The relief of having a dependable ride is the most wonderful thing because we have been having serious trouble out of our Civic for 3 months now.

With all of that to say... I am ONE HAPPY MOMMA :)

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