Celebrating being a Mommy!

As if these 3 alone werent enough of a blessing to me as a mommy! We had a family day around the house Friday filled with doing some cleaning both inside and outside. Like I have said before, if I'm doing something with these 3.. I am happy!

My sweet big boy was loaned some beautiful flowers by the neighbors and gave them to me!

Saturday Carter turned 3 months old! What joy this little boy has brought our family!

AND JR let me sleep in!!! Ahh... just what Mommy needed, and obviously so as I laid down with no alarm and woke up 4 HOURS LATER!!! Daddy and the boys went for a stroll around town and hung out with Uncle Phil.

Saturday night we took our first trip of the season to see the Mudcats play! We went last year for Mother's Day as well. There is just something about seeing your boy's face light up when he gets so excited to see some baseball.

Plus it was Carter's first game too!

Griffin was given a ball and had Muddy sign it.

Sunday at church we were able to celebrate with our church family and it was extra special because we had Carter dedicated to the church!

another family shot

We were invited to have lunch with our church family and we were so grateful! Then we went to see Jacob and Stacey's new house! We were so blessed to eat their first meal in their home with them :)

The frame my Mom got me for my birthday and pictures JR had printed to complete it for me for Mother's Day!

and the sweet card my boys made me!

I am SOOOO incredibly thankful to be these 2 boys Momma!

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