Good news all around!

I am BEYOND thrilled to update that sweet Thatcher is now home! If you remember, he had a liver transplant back in March and has been in Pittsburg for the last 2 months. He is doing remarkably well and I just love his little smile! I talked to his Mommy yesterday and she said they are so glad to be home and now just trying to get back in the groove of being a family of 4 since they have been away from each other for so long. Please continue to pray for this family!

Miss Rebekah who was diagnosed with leukemia just over a month ago found out yesterday that there is only .01% of leukemia cells in her body now! The chemo treatments have worked and we are praising God! Continue to pray for positive reports for the Chandlar's and you can follow them at http://jchandler.org/

More good news for Mr. Max Muesch, who was diagnosed with heart block at 28 weeks. Amy had her 32 week check up today and he is doing very well! There has not been any further damage, his heart rate has increased and the doctors are very positive! They are looking to delivery him at 36 weeks which will be here soon! Our great friends just had a shower for Amy and Max this past weekend and I am sad I couldnt attend! Doesnt Amy (she is in black) look great? Their blog is http://maxmuesch.blogspot.com/ if you want more updates.

And last but not least.. this adorable little one is Mr. Briggs Tuten! He was born last Thursday to my friend Jessica and they are both doing well! Cant wait to hug this sweet boy and squeeze those cheeks :)

I thank those of you who have been praying for each of these friends that are very dear to me. God listens and we are so thankful!!!

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